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Baseball Bags & Bat Packs

Have everything in the one place a baseball bag or bat pack

Sick of juggling your bat, helmets and cleats to every training session and game day? We at baseball 360 have a solution for that. Choose from various sizes and styles of baseball bags and bat packs to keep all of your baseball gear in the same place.

With compartments designed for all your baseball kit, there is no easier way to carry all of your ball gear from your helmet, to your cleats, bat, and gloves. We also have bat packs available that will carry multiple baseball bats whether you’re a player with multiple bats, you coach a team or you’re a parent with four kids all playing on the same day. We’ve got you covered.

What to look for when buying baseball bags & bat packs

There are some things you should consider before buying a new baseball bag or bat pack. Things to think about are factors such as:

  • Water-resistant bags: If your bag is protected from water then you don’t have to worry about it sitting at the side of the field or in the dugout when it starts to rain.
  • Practical bags: If you maybe go from work or school straight to practice then having a bag with a large compartment where you can fit your notes and your laptop as well as your baseball gear saves you from carrying two bags. 
  • Bat Sleeves: Bat sleeves are a great feature as it keeps your bat separate from all of your other compartments. This is important on rainy days because it keeps the dirt and water away from your other stuff in other compartments.
  • Durable bags: Buying a bag with padding and better quality stitching is going to be easier to carry and is going to last you a lot longer as it is less likely to get damaged when being pulled and dragged from the house to the dugout. 
  • It is best to pick a bag that has a compartment for each part of your life. For example, an insulated pocket for food and drink to hold its temperature. A large compartment for clothes/books/laptops. Separate compartments for bats and cleats to keep odors and dampness out of your bag. A secure compartment for your phone or other electronics to save them from getting damaged.