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Baseball Catcher's Equipment

The Fundamentals of Catcher’s Equipment

Stay well guarded behind home base with the top catcher’s equipment from baseball 360. The fundamental gear worn by a catcher consists of 4 things: a mask or helmet, a chest protector, leg guards, and a catcher’s mitt. These are the 4 main things and the 4 most important things worn by a catcher to keep them protected but you can also add extras to keep yourself safe. You can add accessories like protective sleeves, a throat guard and knee savers.

Mask or helmet - This will protect your head and face from stray fastballs.

Chest protector -This will protect your front, your shoulders, chest and your stomach. Look for detachable shoulder pads if you want to customize your fit for maximum comfort and protection.

Leg Guards - These will protect your legs from the top of your knee to the top of your foot.

It is always a good idea to look for a catchers bag as all of your catcher’s equipment will struggle to fit into a normal bag.

Finding the perfect fit for you

Finding the right fit for you will maximise your comfort and your protection. Some people prefer to buy individual pieces and customize their gear instead of buying full sets.

Catcher’s Mask/Helmet - Fitting can be tough as manufacturers have different size guides. The measurements and also check the manufacturer’s size guide before buying. If you know your hat size, this can help in the fitting process for a helmet.

Catcher’s Chest Protector - Measure from the bottom of your neck to the top of your waist as you will probably have a throat guard and groin protector covering the areas above and below. Again always check the manufacturer’s size guides as they may differ from each other.

Catcher’s Leg Guards - Your leg guards should cover from the top of your knee to the top of your foot so measure from your knee to your ankle bone. Check manufacturer’s size guides. Look into Leg savers also as they can give some relief to your knees by making it easier to squat behind home base. 

Catcher’s equipment from top brands

Here at baseball 360, we have a selection of baseball catcher’s equipment from a variety of top brands such as: