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Baseball Cleats

Walk on to the baseball field in comfort and style

Shop from the newest and best baseball cleats at baseball 360 from the big brands such as Adidas, Mizuno, New Balance and Under Armour. Choose from various styles and sizes to find the best pair of cleats to suit your ball game. Choose a pair of baseball cleats that fit your playing surface, and that as a superior traction to facilitate your game. The ultimate pair of baseball cleats & shoes awaits you in our store. 


What Baseball Cleats are best for you?

All the new cleats have great grip, durability, and breathability whilst still being light in weight. The material of the cleats bring different types of caracteristiques and it is for you to choose which are most important to your style of play. They’re all good, it’s just about finding the right ones for you and your specific position on the field. 

Things to consider when buying cleats is the type of cleats you need and what position you play on the field.

When you choose the cleats to play with you need to check which kind of field you mostly play on. Turf, synthetic grass, and real grass require a different style of cleat compared to dirt or compacted sand. The wide variety of types of surface demand terrific cleat options for baseball players. Thankfully there are many options for players to increase their movement on the ground with ease.


Choosing the right material for your cleats 

Different types of cleats for different surfaces 

  • Metal Baseball Cleats - For traction on dirt and grass ball fields. Great grip for acceleration and slowing down. Also good for batters wanting to plant their feet into the ground but can occasionally cause injury by getting stuck in the ground whilst players turn and change direction. Metal cleats should be used on a harder surface for quick movements, using metal cleats on soft ground is dangerous.
  • Molded/Plastic baseball Cleats - Cheaper and longer-lasting than the metal cleats but sometimes grip a little less effectively than metal cleats. Plastic cleats can be worn on just about any surface, they are a great option in the mud, soft grass, and patches of grass as they don’t stick like metal cleats. Plastics cleats have an affordable price range and they have a great traction of grass, injuries are less common with this type of pair of baseball shoes. 
  • Turf/Trainers - For optimal comfort during training we suggest turf shoes. These turf baseball shoes are the best option for training as they are more comfortable and have less chance of causing an injury. You can also wear these on artificial surfaces and they give you great grip on the hard surface while still being a comfortable pair of training shoes. It also stops and protects the training turf/facility from being damaged by metal or plastic spikes.

Consider your position on the field before buying cleats:

  • Infielders - The ground you play on should be taken into consideration. If the ground is firm and compact then go for metal cleats as plastic cleats could pick up a lot of dirt onto the sole of the cleats and cause problems with grip, affecting your movement and change of direction.
  • Outfielders - Outfielders should also consider the terrain because they need the grip to chase fly balls. If the ground you play on is firm, go with the metal cleats and if it is soft or muddy, go with the plastic cleats for maximum and excellent traction and natural movements.
  • Pitchers and batters - Pitchers and batters have one thing in common. They need grip. Pitchers need their push-off foot to stick and batters need their feet rooted to the ground to focus all their movement and strength into their swing. If the ground in the batter’s box is firm, choose the metal baseball cleats and if it is soft and well-worn, choose plastic cleats.

Choose the right size and shape of baseball cleat

When choosing your cleats, you want to make sure that your toes are no more than a quarter-inch away from the end of the baseball cleat and the rest of your foot should fit pretty tight into the cleat. You don’t want them too loose as you will lose support and grip if your foot is moving around inside the cleat. If you can’t find a perfect fit, come down a size because you will break the cleats in and the material will expand. Make sure your cleats have the right amount of padding and cushion for the shape of your foot, you may want more cushion if you have narrow feet to supply you with a snug fit.

You also have to consider if you want high-top, mid-top or low-top baseball cleats. High-tops offer more support to your ankle but can restrict movement a little. If you’re a fast player then go for the low-tops, they don’t have the support but allow you to change direction and move quickly. Mid-tops are the middle man, they allow you to move easier than the high-tops but offer more ankle support than the low-tops.


Baseball League Equipement

Choose professional  equipment to prepare you for the demands of high leveled baseball games. Find a variety of metal cleats and metal spikes, as well as baseball turf cleats and baseball turf shoes, for plenty of grip, shop a wide selection of footwear products on our website. We also have a wide selection of colors to fit the uniform of your team. 

Freedom of Movement - Youth Baseball cleats

At our store we have equipment for all ages, find youth baseball cleats for amateurs and beginners. Shop our website to see our assortment of youth baseball equipment. Our team is there to help you identify the cleats you need for the types of surface and the traction on grass you require for your position. Find the comfortable option of baseball turf cleats for your needs at our store.