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Baseball Protective Gear

Shop Baseball Protective Gear By the Top Brands 

Shop the best Baseball Protective Gear by all the top brands here at Baseball 360. We have Protective Gear, to help keep you safe whilst playing ball, in stock by all the biggest brands such as:

Keep yourself covered and prevent injuries whilst playing baseball with the best protective gear on the market.


Do you need to use Protective Gear in your game?

Buying Baseball Protective Gear is a very small price to pay for your safety. As much as baseball is one of the best and most fun sports on this planet to play, it can be pretty dangerous, especially if you’re on the receiving end of a fastball or powerful bat hit.

So far it is only necessary for catchers to wear protective gear and players to wear a baseball helmet inside the batter’s box or whilst running bases but it’s worth thinking about buying and wearing protective gear as well when you are playing the game to prevent injuring yourself and to protect your face, elbows, wrists, and shins which you use a lot when playing ball, especially if your position requires you to be in the batter’s box. 

A lot of sports experts and physicians recommend wearing protective gear whilst carrying a small injury to prevent it from getting any worse.

Shop all the protective gear you need at baseball 360 whether you are a catcher who needs a full new catching kit or if you have outgrown your helmet and are in need of a new one. Baseball 360 is fully stocked with helmets, catcher’s sets, leg guards and chest protectors to keep you safe whilst playing the game we all love.